Welcome to the Huang lab!

We are a new research group interested in understanding molecular mechanisms of protein complexes, in particular large protein assemblies, through studying their structures, dynamics and functions. We use advanced Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) techniques in combination with other structural biology tools, such as cryo-Electron Microscopy and Mass Spectrometry, as well as other biophysical and biochemical techniques to determine the 3D structures of the proteins, study protein-protein interactions, characterize their functional dynamics, and provide information and strategies to design therapeutics for intervening their functions.

If you are passionate about learning how proteins work and studying their structures, dynamics and functions, join us! We are recruiting lab members of all levels, see here.


Welcome Sabrina Heddokheel and Husain Al-Jaberi to join us as 4th undergraduate research students!

— Sep 2021

Welcome Sabrina Heddokheel to join us as a URA student for the summer!!

— May 2021

Nicole Chen was awarded the Ontario Graduate Scholarship! Congratulations!!!

Our graduate student Nicole Chen was awarded the Ontario Graduate Scholarship!! Congratulations Nicole!!
— April 2021

Watch Dr. Huang’s talk in ICMRBS-ECR conference series on YouTube.

Dr. Rui Huang’s ICMRBS-ECR talk is posted on YouTube. Watch here!
— April 2021

Aaron Ovadia was awarded for top ranked oral presentations in SOUSCC49!!! Congratulations!!!

Aaron Ovadia was awarded for his top ranked oral presentation in SOUSCC49! Congratulations Aaron!!! Aaron is the only prize winner from the University of Guelph. Well done!!
— March 2021

Aaron Ovadia’s abstract was selected for an oral presentation in SOUSCC49!

Our undergraduate student Aaron Ovadia’s abstract for his 4th year project was selected for an oral presentation in SOUSCC49!! Congratulations Aaron!! Join SOUSCC49 here.
— March 2021

Dr. Huang gave a talk in ICMRBS-ECR conference series!

Dr. Rui Huang presented the study on p97-p47 interaction in the ICMRBS-ECR conference series. Video link will be posted soon!
— Feb 2021

Study featured in CEPS research news!

Dr. Rui Huang and collaborators’ study on the cooperativity of a p97 mutant was featured in University of Guelph College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS) research news! Check it out here.
— Feb 2021

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